Kathal ka achar - Jackfruit Pickle

Kathal ka achar-jackfruit pickle
Although we make a lot of pickles, but the sour & sweet pickle of jackfruit is very tasty to eat and it does not get spoiled fast. Jackfruit  pickle is also made in many ways, i make this pickle to use without water, so that it does not get worse for a long time. Let's know the ingredients to be applied and the way to make it - 

Ingredients to make jackfruit sour & sweet pickle
ingredients of kathal ka achar (jackfruit pickle)
Jackfruit (Katahal) - 500 grams (finely chopped)
Mustard oil - 200 gms
Cumin seeds - a teaspoon
Celery - a teaspoon
Asafoetida – a pinch
Fennel seeds - 50 grams (grinded)
Amchoor (mango powder) - two small spoons
Red Chilli Powder - One tea spoon
Turmeric powder - a teaspoon
Salt - according to taste
Ginger - two inch piece (grated)
Clove - five to seven
Big Cardamom - Two
Green cardamom - five to seven
Black Pepper - Fifteen to Sixteen
Sugar - 100 grams

Method - To make sweet sour & pickle of jackfruit
how to make kathal ka achar

Get cut jackfruit into fine pieces when you buy from the market. With oil in your hands, remove the peel out of the jackal pieces and separate them. Grind cloves, large cardamom, green cardamom and black pepper and make powder. Heat the pan and add mustard oil to it, heat the oil until it starts to smoke. Now add cumin, celery and asafoetida and fry them a bit. After this, add ginger and cook for a while so that the water of ginger will be dried. Now we will add finely chopped jackfruit and cook it for five to six minutes. After this, add the powder of turmeric powder, red chilli powder and whole spices and mix well. Then add powdered fennel seeds, amchoor and salt. Mix well and turn off the flame. After this we will add sugar to it.  Left to cool down for some time, now keep it in a glass vessel and mix the pickle for one to two days for the next three to four days so that all the spices and sugars are absorbed into it . After 10 - 12 days, your jackal 's sweet & sour pickle will be ready to eat. This pickle does not need to be refrigerated.

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