Make biscuit cake - in pressure cooker

Cake made from biscuits
This recipe is of making cake from biscuits. Generally, the cake is made from flour, but here we will make from biscuits and instead of the micro oven, we will cook it in a cooker. Making cake is very easy, just need to start making cake, then you can make cake easily whenever you want. Let's know what we need to make this cake –

Ingredient to make cake from Biscuits
Ingredients of biscuit cake
Biscuits plain  -  100 gms (parle G)
Biscuits  cream - 100 gms
Milk - one cup
Sugar - One big spoon (make fine powder)
Ghee - two teaspoons
Baking Powder - Half Teaspoon

Method  of making biscuit cake

Grind the biscuits into a grinder mixer and make a fine powder and get out in a bowl. Now we will add finely grind sugar in it and mix with add a bit of milk time to time. We will make a thick batter of all of them. Greasing ghee on the inside in a pot to make a cake and keep aside. Put the cooker to the heat on the flame. Now we will little bit by mixing baking powder inside the batter. We will put this batter in a pot of greased ghee, and put it inside the cooker.  Remove the whistle of the cooker's lid and cover it. Let us cook this on medium heat for 18 to 20 minutes. After that, open the cooker lid and check the cake with knife or  toothpick . If the cake is sticking on knife or toothpick  then cook it  otherwise taken out the cake from cooker . take  a plate over the cake and take out the cake in the plate. Let it cool down at room temperature and cut its slices, enjoy eating.

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