Milk powder and paneer burfi (sweets)

Milk powder or Paneer burfi is a very delicious Indian sweet. This delicious sweet can be eat on days of Vart’s and fast or you can make it on any special occasion like Festivals, special days of your life or anytime whenever you want to eat something sweet. It is very easy to prepare and very delicious in taste. Required ingredients for prepare this sweet are milk powder, paneer, crushed sugar, ghee, milk and some dry fruits. Let’s start to make this yummy sweet 

Ingredients for Milk powder paneer burfi
ingredients for milk powder paneer sweet
Milk Powder – 150 grams
Sugar crushed – 100 grams
Paneer – 100 grams
Pure Ghee – one and half table spoon (about 75 grams)
Milk - one and half table spoon (about 75 grams) 
Dry fruits – a handful almonds and cashews 

Method of making Milk Powder paneer burfi recipe
Grease the cake pan or tray with ghee and Keep it ready.  Heat the wok or pan and add pure ghee. Heat ghee for a while over low flame; add the milk to this and after this we will add the milk powder to this and roast for 2 minutes stirring continuously. Now, we will add crushed sugar (powdered sugar) to this and mix well. Stir continuously and cook till our paste becomes thick. Add grated or crushed paneer. Mix all these and cook for another two minutes and when it became thick and start to leaves the sides of wok or pan, turn off the flame. Pour this mixture to the prepared cake pan or tray and spread evenly. Garnish with dry fruits (almonds, cashew) all over immediately. Leave it to cool for about half an hour in fridge till it is set completely. Cut it to desired shape and serve.

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