Balushahi Badusha Khurmi Recipe

Balushahi badusha

You must have eaten a lot of Balushahi by bringing it from the market, but if you have made it at home and ate it, then you will not bring the Balushahi of the market again. This is the easy way to make it, so let's make it and enjoy the Balushahi.

Ingredients to make Balushahi
Ingredients of balushahi badusha
Fine flour - 300g
Sugar - 500g
Ghee - 100 gms
Oil - For Frying Balushahi
Water – 80 ml
Food color- Half tsp of Kesari color
Baking Powder - 1/2 Tablespoon
Cardamom powder - half a spoon
Cashew nuts - to decorate

Method of making Balushahi

How to make balushahi - step by step
How to make badusha- step by step
Take sugar in one vessel and take water in quantity of of half the amount of sugar. Let it cook. Keep sieve on a large bowl and filter the fine flour and also add baking powder in it to filter. Now mix ghee in this bowl also and water approx 80 ml. Mix  all these with light hands, shaking it. After this, cover it and keep it for ten minutes. On the other hand, our sugar syrup has been cooked, Take food color and mix it in a small amount of water and and mix in sugar syrup. Add cardamom powder also to sugar syrup. Our syrup is ready, let it cool down. Take the mixed flour and spread it with light hands and divide it into two halves and then spread both the parts together by placing it on each other. Similarly, we will do 5 to 7 times so that layers come in the Balushahi. Cut the pede of it in the equal size, give the shape of Balushahi. We will put them in oil. Keep in mind that the oil should not be too hot, they have to fry only on low flame. When these turns golden brown from both sides, take them out and dip them in the sugar syrup. Take them out of the sugar syrup after two to three minutes. Decorate with cashew nuts, your crispy Balushahi are ready.

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