How To Make Malai Kulfi recipe simply at Home

Matka malai kulfi

In today's recipes, I will tell you how to make the Matka Kulfi Recipe, ie Malai Kulfi. It's a different fun  to eat the Malai kulfi in Summer season and if you are making it at home then the thing is different. Malai kulfi is made of milk and dried fruits, and both  children and the elderly likes the tasteful taste.

Ingredients for making Malai kulfi - Kulfi Recipe
Kulfi banane ki samgri
Full cream milk - ½ liter
Milk Powder - 100g
Sugar - 100 grams
Cardamom powder - half a spoon
Cashew nuts - a handful
Almond - a handful
Food color - two pinch

Kulfi Recipe Method - Kulfi Recipe step by step

Step b y step matka kulfi
Malai kulfi step by step
To make Mali Kulfi recipe, first put the milk in a thick bottom vessel and put it on the heat. Let the milk to boiled. After milk starts boiling, keep the milk mixing well till the bottom of the vessel with the help of spoon for 1 - 2 minutes. Now mix the milk powder slightly in it and stir continously. Cook the milk until it thickens. After that, add sugar to it and cook it for a while, then Food Color, you can use color of food color of your choice. After this, we will add crushed cashew nuts and almond, also add  cardamom powder and  Mix them all together. Our slurry is ready to freeze. Fill in the mold of Kulfi or any vessel and keep it in freezer to freeze. Once frozen, remove them from the fridge and eat and serve your cool-cool Malai Matka Kulfi.