Shrikhand mango recipe

Shrikhand is a very  known sweet dish to be prepared with  curd. Mango Shreekhand is Maharashtrian Sweet Recipes. The test of Mango Shrakhand is very good, so do not forget to make it in these days. Make fresh purée of mangoes by fresh & sweet mangoes from the market, and then whenever you want to make then do it. So now let's know its recipes –

Material for making Shrirhand –
Curd - a bowl (approx 150 grams)
Mango puree - two bowls (approx 300 g)
Powdered sugar - a bowl (approx 150 grams)
Cardamom powder - half teaspoon

Method of making the Shreekhand :

Tie the curd in cotton cloth and hang it for one and a half to two hours so that it can drain the entire water. After that, remove this tanged curd in a large bowl and put powdered sugar, mango puree and cardamom powder in it. Now mix these well with the help of spoon and keep in mind that there are no lumps in it. Mix all them, mixing them all together, our shakrand is ready. Now keep Shrikhand in the refridgerator for  three to four hours, and after cooling well, decorate with dryfruits and enjoy the tasteful Shreekhand.