Urad Daal ke Dahi Vade Recipe - How to make Dahi Vada Recipe

Dahi Vade

When we go to the any party, then we like to eat very soft curd vada (Dahi Vada). It is natural to have water in the mouth after seeing Dahi Vada in summer. So why do not make Dahi Vada at home today. It is very easy to make them. Have you ever tried to make them at home too?

Ingredients to make Dahi Vada
Ingredients of Dahi Vada
Washed Urad dal  - 200 gms (5-6 hours soaked)
Refined oil - for frying
Curd (Yoghurt)  - a cup
Sugar - two small spoons
Roasted cumin seeds - two teaspoons
Salt - two teaspoons
Chilli Powder - One Tablespoon

How to make Dahi Vade
Dahi Vada making 
To make Dahi Vade, we will first soak the dal for 5-6 hours. Now, take the urad dal with the help of a spoon and take it in a mixer jar and grind it to a fine paste.  Pour water in it  only if you need it, then grind it. After this, add one teaspoon salt or according to your taste in this paste. Mix the salt in the urad dal paste. Heat the pan and add oil to fry. When the oil becomes hot, then turn the flame on medium. Now with the help of a teaspoon, take paste quantity according to size of your Dahi Vade. You should take 8-10 vade at a time for fry. When they turn  golden brown color then get them out in a plate. Similarly, we will fry all our vade of remaining paste. Take water in a vessel, we will leave these Vade for 15 minutes to soak. Till then we mix sugar in yogurt. Take out Vade from the water and press out with light-handed hands, remove the water from the Vade. Do not press too hard, otherwise the Vade will breaks. Now keep these Vade in the serving plate and sprinkle little salt and red chilli powder powder. Now add sweet curd to it and sprinkle cumin powder. Eat with the tamarind sour and sweet chutney. 

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