Kachche aam ka Lachha Paratha

We all loves to eat parathas, we eat it with breakfast, in lunch or tea, with pickle, yogurt, sauce or with chutney, as you like. In this recipe, we are going to make the Lachcha Paratha of raw mango (Kairi). You will love the crunchiness of this lachcha parathas and the taste of raw mangoe.

Material require for Lachcha Paratha of Raw Mango (Kairi)
Wheat flour - one and a half cup
Rava or semolina - half a bowl
Maida - Half a bowl
Two Kairi (Raw Mangos) - Grated
Fresh Coriander Leaves - a little
Red Chilli Powder - One Tablespoon
Salt - a teaspoon (or according to taste)
White Sesame - two teaspoons
Oil - For Moyon
Pure Ghee - To Paratha

How to Make Lachcha paratha of Mango

Take the wheat flour in a big bowl. Add white sesame seeds, salt, red chilli powder, green coriander leaves, chopped caries (raw mango). After that add a little bit (about two teaspoons) of oil. By mixing a bit of water, we will knead them all and keep it for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, we will mingle the dough and mash it together. Make some big size balls of this dough and roll the Chapati of these balls. Add some oil to this chapati and squeeze it. Dilute the bread with a knife thin and long, then collect it by rolling from one side. Make it round like rolls and roll it back with a rolling roll. Heat a pan and leave a paratha on it. Turn aside from one side to another after a little bit.  Pour ghee to the both sides on it and cook the paratha from both side to add  ghee on it. Take a little crisp to the parathas, crunchy paratha will be very tasty with cup of tea. If you look with a fork or chaku, you will see many layers in Paratha and make lavish parathas delicious in food.