Cookies without Microwave

Fresh made of homemade cookies can be melt after going into the mouth. Make a few different and fun cookies. The elders will also like with the kids. It is very easy to make and the material that takes place is always in the kitchen.

Ingredients used in melted cookies
All purpose flour(Maida) - 100g, 
Sugar powder - 60 grams, 
Butter - 50g, 
Milk - Half a bowl, 
Egg  - one, 
Baking Powder - A Pinch, 
Corn Flakes - Two to Three Fists,
 Essence - Strawberry Flavor

How to make melted cookies

Take a mixing bowl and take butter in it. Mix sugar powder in it and mix both well so that the butter and sugar powder become melted. After this add egg, some quantity of milk, baking powder, and 5 to 7 drops of strawberry essence. Mix them all together so that no lumps remain. Mix the maida and knead it like a soft dough. Take the quantity of salt from one to one and a half inch in a kadahi. Take such a large plate that can cover the kadahi and cover the Kadahi. Let it warm up. Take a silver tin and put butter paper in it and grease it with butter so that the cookies are cooked well and do not burn from the bottom.

Crush the Corn Flakes in a plate. Dust your palm slightly from the flour and make the balls from dough in the shape of a lemon. Dip every ball into milk and cover it with corn flakes. Similarly, prepare all the balls and keep them on the butter paper in the silver tin. Place the ring of gas stove or a stand over the salt in the pan and keep the tin on it. Cover the Kadahi with a plate well. Allow it to bake for twenty minutes. After that, remove the tin from the kadahi and let the cookies cool for half an hour. Similarly, we will take the remaining cookies.

Give fresh cookies to your loved and you to eat, keep the remaining cookies in the container and keep it, whenever you feel eat them.