Pizza is very much liked by everyone. But it is not possible to eat pizza often by going to the restaurant. Today we will tell you a pizza recipe that is easy to make, light and fast. You do not even need pizza base for this pizza. Due to small in size, this Bread Pizza comes easily in children's tiffin. Once you make this bread pizza you will definitely love it.

Ingredients to prepare tawa bread pizza
6 bread slices
50 gm butter
100 gms cottage cheese
Half cup green coriander leaves
A medium sized finely chopped tomato
Finely chopped a medium size onion
A finely chopped capsicum
100 grams grated Mozerrella cheeze
One tbsp mayonnaise
One tbsp tomato ketchup
One tsp chilli flakes
One tsp organo flakes
Half tsp black pepper powder
Half tsp chaat masala
One tsp chilli sauce
Salt according to taste

Method of making bread pizza

Take fine chopped onion, capsicum and tomatoes in a bowl. Add  green coriander leaves and half the amount of organo and chilli flakes. Add black pepper powder and mix the amount of salt according to the taste. Mix two teaspoons of mosaerella cheese and a small spoon mayonnaise. Mix all these well so that the spices mix well with the vegetables.

Mix chilli sauce in tomato sauce and spread this sauce on bread slices. Now also put mayonnaise on them. Spread the mixture of vegetables on these bread slices. Place the pieces of paneer on them and then sprinkle the chaat masala. Now spread the grated cheese on the bread well (you put the cheese more or less according to your requirement).

Heat the tawa or pan and melt the butter on it. After this, place the bread pizza slices on it. Cover the tawa or pan and cook the bread pizza on a very light flame till the melt of the cheese, the delicious bread pizza is ready.

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