CoConut Biscuits Recipe on Tawa

Coconut biscuits are very crispy and tasty. Serve it with tea, your guests will also like it. These biscuits can be made easily without oven and cooker. See to made these, children will love these. 

Material to make coconut biscuits
Butter - 50g
Rava or semolina - 150 gms
Sugar Powder - 80 grams
Corn Starch - Two Teaspoons
Salt - a quarter teaspoon
Coconut powder - a small bowl

Method of making coconut biscuits

Take butter in a large bowl and add sugar powder in it. Combine these two with the help of whisk. In about one to two minutes, these two will melt well. After this, add coconut powder, semolina, salt and corn starch. Mix all these with the help of fingers and make like a dough. Cover this dough and keep it for 10 minutes. To bake these biscuits, we can lay a silver foil inside a pan and grease it with ghee. 

Take small amount of the mixture into pieces and put them in palms and shape the biscuits according to your choice. If you want, decorate these biscuits with tutti fruiti, put these biscuits on top of silver foil in the pan and let the pan heat up on the flame. When the pan is heated, reduce the flame and cover the pan. After this, let them cook on low flame for 25 to 30 minutes. When these biscuits cooked well, take them out of the pan and keep it for cooling on a sieve. After cooling, fill them in a box and when you feel to eat, enjoy your own hand made coconut biscuits.

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