Ghevar is a very delicious dessert in Rajasthan, and it is counted only under Chappan enjoyment. Ghevar is made especially in the saawan, it is said that the saawan month is incomplete without a Ghevar. If you and your family like the Ghevar  then you can make it at home very easily. You need a few tips to make this. Especially the Ghevar  is of great importance on Rakshabandhan, but many people do not know how the make Ghevar, then let's learn the method of making the Ghevar- 
Ghevar making Ingredients
Maida (Flour) - 300 gm (2 bowl)
Ghee - Half a bowl
Ice - a piece
Sugar - 300 grams (2 bowl)
Milk - half cup
Cold water - a mug
Ghee or oil - for frying
Dry fruits - to decorate the Ghevar

Ghevar Recipes 

First, put the Ghee in a vessel. Now put some cubes of ice in that vessel and knead it with your hands and till it becomes as smooth as the cream of the ghee. Remove the ice cubes. Now add a little bit of flour to the Ghee, and when it becomes thick, add milk to it and add a little water, stir the solution well, keep in mind that the solution does not remain in the lumps and the solution is very smooth. Yes. The solution is ready to make ghevar. The solution of ghevar should be very thin, so that the it fell from the thin edge of the batter. Heat the oil in a small vessel pot for less than half in the height. When the oil is well heated, take batter in a spoon and put it in hot oil with a very thin edge, when the frying oil starts to appear on the frying pan. Second spoon solution is added when the froth in the oil decreases. Now again, after adding a second spoon solution, pour the solution from the thin edge into the oil. Similarly, add five to six spoons of batter. After adding a spoon solution, make a hole in the middle of the ghevar with knife or stick, so that the batter should be fried in the bottom and float back on top of the first layer. When you have put batter of a ghevar, then turn the flame on  medium. Now, fry till you get the ghevar light brown, when the ghevar starts appearing slightly brown, remove the ghevar and put it on a small plate in the plate. So that extra oil comes out in the plate downwards. 
Preparation of sugar syrup for Ghevar
Put 300 grams (2 cups) of sugar  and one cup water in a vessel to make a syrup on the flame, cook for 5-6 minutes after the boil. Take some drops in spoon from the syrup, sticking a drop between the finger and the thumb. See, it should stick between the finger and the thumb, make a wire in the syrup, make the syrup a little cold.
By placing a bowl over the plate, place a ghevar on it and spread the syrup with a spoon on top of the ghevar. Sugar syrup goes down sweetening the ghevar, You can spread sugar syrup more or less according to you choice.

Your delicious and sweet ghevar is ready. You can also decorate it with dryfruits and any sweet of your choice and give it a Royal Feel.

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