Golgappa Recipe - Pani puri recipe

When people hear the name of Golagpa or Panipuri, water comes in the mouth of the people. It is known by different names in different places. This is a very popular chat which is eaten almost the whole of India and Golgagpa gives a different flavour on the occasion of Holi, so let us know how to make Golgagpa or Panipuri -

Material for making Golgappa:
Rava or semolina - 200 gms
All Purpose Flour - 100g
Salt - half teaspoon
Oil - oil to fry
Water - just to knead the dough

Gulagappa recipe

Take a big bowl and take salt with semolina and flour. Mix them all well. Now gradually pour water and start to knead the dough and it does not knead to very soft. Now cover this with cotton cloth and keep it aside for twenty minutes. After 20 minutes, soften the flour by knead some times. Make equal four to five balls of it. Take a ball and roll it like a roti. After this, cut small puris with help of a small bowl or cookie cutter.  In another way, you can make small balls and roll the puris.

Take one Kadahi or deep Pan and pour oil to fry in it. Heat oil on high flame. When it gets heated, put one by one puris in it, and while putting puris, keep dipping each puri for some time in hot oil to puff them up. Lower the flame of stove. fry them till becomes golden brown. When their color turns golden, turn them back and fry for 10 seconds. Now they have to be taken out from hot oil. Allow these golagapps to cool down and after that you can fill them in container. If some golgappees do not puff up, then you can use them as a pappadi. Golgappa is ready to eat and enjoy.

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