The Lauki Shahi Baati is a very delicious and healthy sweet. Make it with bottle gourd, sugar, milk solids and dryfruits. The bottle gourd sweet can eat on festivals and especially in the fast. It is very easy to make and enjoy the bottle gourd greenery in the Saavan month.

Ingredients for Lauki ki Shahi Baati
Bottle Gourd - about 700 gms
Sugar - 300 gms
Mawa (Milk Solid) - 250 gms
Cardamom powder -half teaspoon
Pure Ghee - Two Teaspoons
Almonds and pistachios - a handful

Recipe of Lauki ki Shahi Baati
Cut gourd(Ghiya) and remove the inner pulp with seeds. Grate the pieces of gourds(Ghiya). Squeeze the water of grated gourd (Ghiya) and take it out in a pan. Let the pan warm on the flame and mix two small spoons of pure ghee in grated Gourd(Ghiya). Let the cook it, if you want, cover it for two to three minutes. When the gourd (Ghiya) becomes soft, add sugar to it. Cook this mixture and stir continuously. When it starts to become slightly thick and light brown, add mava (milk solid) to it. After mixing mawa (Milk Solid) well, add cardamom powder and almond-pistachio. 

You can also add green color of food to it, which will make its color very good. Cook it continuously, when it becomes thick and starts gathering in the pan, close the flame. Remove it immediately in a plate and let it cool down. After this, make the balls of the size of the lemon and shape the Baati by pressing it with thumb. Decorated with almond-pistachio. Enjoy the Shaahi Baati of Lauki made of gourd greenery in Savan 's greenery. Make at home and eat with family and friends.

How did you find this recipe? Please make your suggestions and ideas.

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