Chane ki karari daal namkeen is a very special namkeen of Rajasthanl, as it is known by its name that it is made from gram (Chana) dal. You can make this chana daal namkeen at the house too. So let's tell you how to make crispy Chana daal namkeen today. 

Ingredients required -
Gram dal (Chana dal) - 150 gms
Black pepper powder - one quarter teaspoon
Red Chilli Powder - One quarter teaspoon
Black salt - half teaspoon
Chut masala - half teaspoon
Oil - for frying

Method of this recipe -
To prepare the chana daal karari namkeen (gram-lentil of gram), first soak gram (chana) dal in the night, take out the water from it and spread it on cotton cloth in the morning. When the whole water of dal is dried, heat the oil in a wok or frying pan and take a portion of dal in a steel sieve and dip the sieve in the hot oil with daal and allow the dal to fry on a flame. We will keep the flame in maximum and when the foaming in oil is stopped and the daal become golden, then remove it and let the oil out of the sieve, then remove the daal in a plate. Similarly, fry the remaining daal. When the dal becomes cold, add one quarter black pepper powder and one fourth of the red chilli powder. Add half-a-half teaspoon black salt and chat masala and mix it well.

Rajasthani chana daal karari namkeen are ready to be enjoy.
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