Lava cake recipe

When we cut lava cake made from a good and luxurious molten chocolate, then the high levels of chocolate coming out of cake gives a unique and different sensation. Making chocolate lava cake is like the simple method of making a cake and we can make it easily at a home. In this recipe we are going to make lava cake with suji.

Ingredients for making lava cake recipe 
Fine semolina (Suji or Rava) - two bowl
Powdered Sugar - One and a half bowl
Tutifruti - a handful
Baking powder - a teaspoon
Salt - half teaspoon
Ghee - One big spoon
Dark Chocolate - About 100 grams

Method of making lava cake recipe without oven
Put the pressure cooker on the stove to heat it and put a stand or ring in it, on which we will keep a cake vessel later. In a large bowl, add sugar, salt, baking powder and ghee to the in the Rava and mix them all. Then add the water in it and prepare the batter. Spread the butter paper into the cake vessel and grease butter paper with ghee. Pour this batter in the cake vessel. Make two to three pieces of dark chocolate and place these pieces in the middle of the batter. To decorate the cake, sprinkle tutifruti  over this batter in cake vessel.

Now place the cake vessel in the pressure cooker above the stand. Remove the whistle  of cooker lid and close the cooker. Let the flame keep the maximum for one minute and then let the cake cook for about 35 minutes on a low flame. After about 35 minutes, open the cooker and check the cake with a knife or toothpick. Take out the knife inside the cake and if the knife turns out clean it means the cake has been cooked well. Take out the cake vessel  and take out the cake on a plate when it is cool. Your fantastic  lava cake made with suji is ready. As soon as you cut this cake, the lava of molten chocolate will flow out.

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