केक बनाने की विधि | Instant Eggless Cake Recipe

Cake from Bread Slices is a quick recipe. Make a cake with fresh bread slices or can use leftover bread to prepare delicious Bread cake. Decor this cake with chcocolates, fruits or creams. Here whipped cream is required for easy & beautiful decoration. So Let,s check the ingredients for Making Cake with bread slices- 

Bread slices – one packet
Cream (whipped) -  1½  to 2 cup
Tutifruti – as required
Chocolate – 30 to 40 gms
Apple – one
Sugar – 4 tbsp


Take bread slices and trim the edges. Cut 4 bread slice into  two parts from middle.  Prepare a base for cake with sliver foil on any plate. Place the 4 bread slice on cake base. Arrange these 4 bread slice in a square. Apply the Sugar syrup on layer of these bread slice. Now apply the whipped cream. Place second layer of bread slices, with 2 whole slice and 4 half slices. t the processor but with apple slices. Repeat the sugar syrup and cream on this layer. Make Layers third and fourth as same process. Do the good coat of cream around the bread slices. Put the cake in the fridge till preparation for   decoration. Add food color in cream and mix well.   Cut the apple in fine thin slices. Grate the Chocolate bar.  Fill the colored cream in a plastic bag and prepare like a piping bag. Take out cake from the fridge.  Decorate your cake with grated chocolate, tutifruti, colored cream and apple slice. Apply some creativity of yours to decorate the cake. Cake is ready to celebrate your day.