Gulab Jamun Recipe-Gulab Jamuns with Khoya Recipe

Gulab jamun was originally prepared with khoya / mawa . This Gulab jamun Recipe is tried and tested easy recipe to make delicious gulab jamun with khoya. Gulab jamun is famous  Indian Sweet dish.  You can enjoy a lot if these hot gulab jamun serve with Icecream to you.

Ingredients needed
Khoya (Mawa) – 200 gms
All purpose flour (Maida) -  2 tbsp
Sugar – 500 gms
Cardamom Powder or Crushed –  4 to 5
Baking Soda – ¼ tsp
Oil – for deep frying

How to make Gulab Jamun at home
In a vessel, mix together sugar and water. We will take water equal to Sugar. Put the vessel on heat and dissovle the sugar with spoon. Once the sugar dissolves, let it boil on  medium heat. When the syrup becomes slightly sticky, add cardamom powder. Let it cook for another minute. Our Sugar Syrup (chashni) is ready to deep Gulab Jamuns.

In a Plate ot thali mix together khoya, maida and cooking soda. Mix all these well and make a soft pliable dough. Since the khoya itself has moisture, you do not to add water. You do not have to knead the dough as you do for chapati. The dough should be smooth, that's all. Now take a small part of dough and make smooth ball without any cracks. If Ball is making without cracks then dough is ready. While making balls ensure that you do not give much pressure. Make equal size balls from the remaining dough.

Now heat oil in a kadai, when the oil is hot,  fry the gulab jamuns. Keep stirring it gently for even browning. When the heat is high, the gulab jamuns will turn brown immediately and the inside will remain uncooked.That is the reason for frying the gulab jamuns in very low flame. Fry the gulab jamuns to light brown color. Remove the gulab jamuns from the oil with a slotted ladle and drop it into the sugar syrup. The sugar syrup should be warm and not very hot or cold when you drop the gulab jamuns in it. Let all the Gulab jamuns remain soaked in the sugar syrup for 2-3 hours. Serve warm or chilled